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Company Advantage

1. Focus on the research and application of recycled plastics for more than 20 years, integrating research and development, production and sales into a technologically innovative enterprise. 

2. Received overseas customers to visit our company, and exchange experience. Participate in many domestic and international industry exhibitions, learn about the latest technology and market trends. Improving and perfecting products constantly, with continuous innovation.

Advanced Technology

1. Professional R&D team of recycled plastic products with professional laboratory.

2. Technical cooperation and exchange with professional colleges, with strong technical support.

3. With R&D and continuous innovation capabilities, there are 11 patented technologies independently developed.


Product Superiority


1. 0.04% ultra-low water absorption rate, only 1/50 of wood plastic composite, 1/320 of traditional wood, can be used in water, no decay, no mold, no water absorption warp.

2. Good performance in strength will not break down or crack

3. Not cracking or degrading, technical lifetime is more than 50 years.

4. Realistic wood-like effect, there is no plastic appearance in WIN STAR item

5. Long-lasting color, not easy to fade

6. There is no organic ingredients contained, will not be affected by termites and insects.

7. Will not fade, resistant to UV and aging

8. Chemical resistance, not affected by extreme environments

9. Support customize different sizes and colors.


1. More than 90% raw material use recycled plastic, consume plastic waste, and reduce white pollution

2. Replacing traditional wood, wood plastic composite, not including any plant organic fiber, without destroying forest resources

3. Safer product, will not produce or leach any toxic and harmful substances

4. 100% post-consumer recycling, can be recycled and reused. No garbage is generated, protecting the ecological environment.