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Strong R&D strength  

Win star is a company devoted in recycled plastic products R&D, production, and sales together, The company's technical team has many years of research experience in polymer chemistry applications, recycled plastics modification etc., actively attention on industry information and international market trends, established a research and development project repository to ensure the advanced and orderly for research and development.

1. Continuous R&D and improvement, maintain leading technology of existing products

After 20 years hard working, Winstar's independent R&D team had exceed peers. Winstar had developed a large number of new products and new technologies since established, It obtained several patented in the fields of recycled plastic flooring, marine plastics and construction engineering etc. The fiber reinforced series plastic lumber developed by Winstar has the most advanced technology in the world. The characteristics are superior to wood, WPC, steel and concrete. It can withstand strong impact, will not be brittle, corrosion, rot, anti-bores. It has a long service life and eco-friendly. At present, it has been widely used in various outdoor furniture, flooring, fences, agriculture, animal husbandry, and docks, etc.

2. Customized available, solve customer special needs.

Through continuous research and exploration of professional technology, Winstar has realized one-to-one customized service for special users and special products. Customers can customize all kinds of special-type recycled plastic products, which are suitable for various engineering and severe environments needs to meet the diversified needs of users.

3. Concentrate on recipes, meet customers needs

Winstar can not only process ordinary semi-finished plastic raw materials, but can also supply customized receipts upon the plenty experience. They can realize customized such as blending and modification of raw materials.

4. Cooperate with colleague, develop new products, searching new field

In year 2012, to promote the technical develop, promotion and transfer, Winstar cooperate with Shenyang construction university , with the help of advanced talents、technology and experiment equipment, the cooperation of new products develop, application and promote had provided adequate protection and support for the company's innovation.

5. Patents

The recycled plastic products produced by Winstar, using recycled plastic as main material, through blending or grafting technology, making the waste plastic transfer into new plastic, it has high strength, better impact, anti corrosion, anti-aging, long life, lasting color and strong imitation wood feeling. At present, the company had already gained 13 national patents.