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WPC Decking WPC Boardwalk Decking WPC Composite Decking (WPC decking)

WPC Decking WPC Boardwalk Decking WPC Composite Decking (WPC decking)
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After years of industry accumulation and steady development, we have successfully promoted the Plastic Balcony Decking, Plank Sign, Outdoor Furniture Plank of cheap and beautiful to many countries and regions. Through the combination of traditional channels and Internet channels, we have formed a complete marketing context, which makes the way of trade more abundant. To achieve others is to achieve ourselves. co-creation, sharing and win-win results are the constant pursuit of our company. Our confidence comes from our profession, our diligence, our sincerity, and your wisdom. We firmly believe that corporate culture unites people and brand value drives action.

The raw material of Boardwalk decking is made of high quality recycled PE plastic, no wood powder and other organic materials, which can give full play to the advantages of plastic materials such as non-water absorption, non-rot and anti-friction, and fully meet the needs of outdoor floor. Product safety & environmental protection, no toxic substances exudation, which will not pollute water and soil; And the consumption of recycled plastic waste, reducing white pollution and improving the earth's ecological environment. Save wood resources, which can still be recycled after use and does not produce waste rubbish. Company objective: WIN STAR is working for making efforts to improve the living environment of mankind.


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Extrplas® recycled plastic lumber from WIN STAR is especially suitable for outdoor application as its excellent weather resistance and low maintenance. It is designed to replace treated lumber and WPC in outdoor applications. It not only has good appearance as wood, also can adapt to long-term sun exposure, storms and other climatic conditions. The excellent waterproof performance make it can be used long soak in the water. Whether used in both residential and commercial applications, plastic lumber will exceed the performance of conventional lumber and WPC lumber in the worst environmental conditions such as Marsh, salt and alkali, water bank project.

It is deal for any application where the product comes in contact with elements. Specifically, uses include Garden furniture, landscaping, Boardwalks, Decking and Flooring, fencing, posts and bollards, Dustbins, Flower boxes, Jungle gyms, Jetties and any other outdoor applications.

The uses for plastic lumber is not only limited by your imagination. You can just use them anywhere you use wood, where wood would require frequent maintenance.


1. Is recycled plastic lumber easy to be brittle?

Different from the brittle material of WPC, the plastic lumber has good toughness because it does not add any plant fiber. When overloaded, it will only bend but not break, so it is safe. Wood, WPC will easy to fracture when overload.

2.Will recycled plastic lumber mold, mildew or rot?

The products do not contain any wood flour, plant fiber and other organic ingredients. The main raw material is recycled plastic, so all finished products have ultra-low water absorption rate, only 0.04%. It is 1/50 of WPC, and 1/320 of wood. So in the use process, the product will not absorb moisture and moldy rot, deformation. It can be soaked in water for a long time . Plastic lumber will not decrease it is mechanical properties after meet water like wood and WPC.

Every single member from our higher effectiveness product sales staff values customers' requires and organization communication for WPC Decking WPC Boardwalk Decking WPC Composite Decking (WPC decking). High grade, good quality, fast finished products, short process, and punctual delivery are our operating characteristics. The company's production and business practices have gradually formed values that are shared by all employees.
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