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Steel W Type Palisade Fence or D Type Garden Fence Indoor Outdoor Protective Guard Edging Decor

Steel W Type Palisade Fence or D Type Garden Fence Indoor Outdoor Protective Guard Edging Decor
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We learn from others' strengths in the manufacturing process and innovate independently to form a unique advantage so that the new advanced technology and beautiful appearance of our Animal Husbandry, Vineyard Pole, Guide Walls are ahead of the same series of domestic products. God will bless us to do kindness business forever. We adhere to the "integrity" of the business philosophy. We have formed our own diversified corporate marketing concept, able to offer you reliable and quality products.

Extreplas® palisade rails are the most cost-effective way to choose outdoor fences, mainly due to  the following features:

1. Available choosing in a variety of colors, accept customer's customization

2. Easy to operate

3. Easy to be installed without using heavy equipment

4. Not brittle or break down, Non-splintering

5. Durable and sustainable

6. Good weather resistance

7. No maintenance


Easy Installation



1. To meet different customers and usage field request , Extreplas® products had divided into three series products:

Select plastic lumber: Mainly adopt 100% recycled plastic (HDPE+PP), can be replaced wood、WPC as fence, outdoor furniture、decking and other outdoor applications.

Fiber reinforced lumber: Upgrade products of select plastic lumber, has better properties and more imitation wood surface. Fit for people who has high requirement of surface and properties.

Structural reinforced lumber: Insert reinforced bars, fit for post, beam and pile etc.

2. The high cost of recycled plastics comes from the cost of raw materials and processing.However, the superior performance of recycled plastic board is more suitable for long-term outdoor use than wood, with an extremely long service life of 50 years and minimum maintenance required, which saves the regular anti corrosive maintenance cost required by wood every 1-2 years. The annual cost of maintaining recycled plastic wood is 6 times lower than that of wood.It also saves the cost of re installing, dismantling and repurchasing the lumber every 10 years or so.So over a 50-year life, it's cheaper to use plastic lumber than wood.

3.As our products are usually produced customized, our Lead times vary from a few weeks to several months, it depends on the product profile, the color, and the quantity you ordered, and your extra requirement, for example, drilling holes. You can get an estimated lead time when you place an order. But it may change according to actual production condition.

While increasing our global market influence, we will continue to focus on the quality of our Steel W Type Palisade Fence or D Type Garden Fence Indoor Outdoor Protective Guard Edging Decor and services and maintain our good reputation as a customer-centric company. Through professional training mechanisms, we improve the overall quality and professional level of talents, and are committed to providing customers with professional services. Work hard to provide the best products for customers at home and abroad!
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