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Rattan Flower Planter- Window Box (KD4212-KD4222)

Rattan Flower Planter- Window Box (KD4212-KD4222)
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Our company has strong strength, advanced technology, and is one of the most professional Groove Lumber, Floating Deck, HDPE Fender production enterprises in China. Our goal is to creat value for you through exquisite technology and quality and reasonable price. Our company takes the customer as the center, pursues the product and the service excellence and satisfies the customer's actual demand and the potential demand.

The quality of Extreplas® recycled planter box begins with the control of raw materials. Made from food grade HDPE recyclable plastic, it is rugged, safe and no poisons. The plastic planter box of Extreplas® and other outdoor products does not fade. The key factor for anti-aging is the choice of high-quality additives. We will not use cheap inferior additives for cost reduction, because strict quality control will help the end users save more money.

Unstable production processes can lead hidden dangers to the performance and durability of the products. So we use advanced production technology and leading production equipment to ensure the reliable and stable production process control. Ensuring the product can be cut like butter, and end-face has cell structure.


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1. The products do not contain any wood flour, plant fiber and other organic ingredients. The main raw material is recycled plastic, so all finished products have ultra-low water absorption rate, only 0.04%. It is 1/50 of WPC, and 1/320 of wood. So in the use process, the product will not absorb moisture and moldy rot, deformation. It can be soaked in water for a long time . Plastic lumber will not decrease it is mechanical properties after meet water like wood and WPC

2. Our plastic lumber are insect and termite proof.  The closed molecular formula that contains no organic material provides no nutrition source for insects keeping it free of infestation. So no need to worry  your furniture been attacked by insects and white ants.


1. Why is there color variation?

Since we utilize 100% recycled plastic materials in manufacturing our lumber, slight variation in color from batch to batch does exist.

We now have several exceptional workers customers good at marketing, QC, and working with types of troublesome trouble during the creation system for Rattan Flower Planter- Window Box (KD4212-KD4222). We need to speed up the construction of our own innovation system so that to achieve transcendence from a higher starting point. We have experienced professionals to answer any questions about the products and meet the demands of customers.
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