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New Mobile Thermometry Disinfection Channel Sterilizer for Epidemic Disinfection Tunnel Virus Protection Sanitize Chamber

New Mobile Thermometry Disinfection Channel Sterilizer for Epidemic Disinfection Tunnel Virus Protection Sanitize Chamber
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In recent years, while our Plastic Marker Post, Boardwalk Decking, Plastic Planter Box share in the domestic market continues to increase, our company's reputation in the industry has increased. Product life is like an anvil, the more it is knocked, the more sparks it can emit. We are going to serve you with all sincerity! Are you ready? ? ? Let us go!!! We serve our customers with professional knowledge, credibility, ethics, steadfastness and diversification, welcome you!

Pier protection contains dock protect, ship protection etc. Used in piers protection in sea or rivers. It could be installed on the bridge piers directly or around piers as fencing. Could reduce the damages of ships because the smooth surface with very low friction coefficient. The recycled plastic fender can effectively protect the collision of ship and bridge through its high strength and better impact resistance.


Application Environment

The plastic fender has strong rigidity and toughness, it is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and oxidation. It has good weather resistance and corrosion resistance, does not react with seawater, has low water absorption, does not crack, does not shape, and is resistant to insects. The materials of Winstar Plastic Fender are evenly distributed, stable in performance, smooth in surface and low in friction coefficient. Therefore, it not only satisfies the requirements of protecting docks, ships and bridges from damage, but also free maintenance during the entire use. The applicable life can be long.

The high pile type wharf consists of a pile and an upper structure. The lower part of the pile is driven into the soil. The upper part is higher than the water surface. It is a hollow structure. The waves and water flow can pass below the plane of the wharf. It is usually built with large tidal range and insufficient foundation. The sturdy soft soil belt has high requirements on the rigidity, impact resistance and structural stability of the fender, and the plastic fender is particularly suitable because it can be directly mounted on the beam structure, which has no requirement for a flat solid surface. On the high pile pier.

Plastic fenders can therefore be used for both high-pile wharf and seawall platforms or vertical wall structures.


1. What is the structure of marine fender?

Win Star plastic fender using HDPE as main material, after composite being a high strength marine protection products, can adjust the diameter of the fiber bars and density to meet different usages.  Its smooth surface play a role of buffer unloading. The products could be square, rectangle, trapezoid, round etc. Length could be cut according to the customers' requirement (considering the transportation).

2.Is Winstar marine lumber suitable for Swamps, saline-alkali lands?

Yes. As the main raw material of Winstar marine lumber is high quality recycled plastic which has stable chemical molecular formula and does not contain organic substances´╝îthe water absorb is only 0.04%, 1/325 of wood fenders; The excellent waterproof performance of PE plastic fender, make you no need to worry about decay, deformation, mildew and other conditions. It is not only suitable for hydrophilic environment, but also can be used  in water for long time used. the mechanical properties will not decline like wood after used in water.

As soon as the series of New Mobile Thermometry Disinfection Channel Sterilizer for Epidemic Disinfection Tunnel Virus Protection Sanitize Chamber were launched, they achieved very good results in the market and sales continued to hit new records. Now we have a excellent team supplying specialist service, prompt reply, timely delivery, excellent quality and best price to our customers. Our products are sold to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, America and other regions, and are favorably appraised by clients.
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