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Manufacturer D PE Rubber Fender Bespoke Boat Bumper Fender

Manufacturer D PE Rubber Fender Bespoke Boat Bumper Fender
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Based on the original products, our company continuously introduces new technologies and develops various new Double Groove Boards, Cable Support Stands, Marine Bridges Decking to meet the needs of the market. We carry out in-depth communication with customers for more accurate demand analysis. We fully meet the needs of customers at all levels and provide more personalized services.


Our PE fender adopt 100% recycled plastic material, and with fiber reinforced bars inside. It has high strength, strong impact resistance. New PE fender perfectly solved the traditional problems of rust, corrosion, aging and short useful life. It is the best engineering material for protection of marine engineering and coastal wharf.

It is mainly used to slow down the impact between the ship and the wharf or ship in the process of landing or mooring, and to prevent or eliminate the damage to the ship and wharf.



Our PE fender is ultra-long life and low maintenance, low life-cycle cost, High strength, good impact resistance, high rigidity, it will not rot, corrode, rust or decay, it is unaffected by marine borers, UV and ozone resistance, smooth surface, low friction coefficient,  No ocean current blocking, no stagnant water, no marine pollution, we can customize special product, the product can be pile driven, sawn and drilled,  it is simple construction and a short period with low cost,  conform with ASTM standard, ISO9001:2008 Certificate. Recycled plastic material and recycled again after lifecycle, environmental friendly.

What is HD-PE fender?

HD-PE Fenders are durable, low friction facings that wear better and last far longer than traditional timbers. HD-PE does not rot, split or suffer from marine borers.


HD-PE Fenders are ideal for work boat berths, waterways and lock entrances and as components in larger fender installations. HDPE can also be utilized as backing strips behind Foam fenders to reduce wear of foam fender skin and provide better shearing ability



Winstar plastic fender/ pile, using high quality recycled plastic HDPE+LDPE+ small amount of PP, unique formula and improvement technology, to ensure that the performance of recycled plastic can reach standards, do not need to worry for that.

Besides providing high-quality Manufacturer D PE Rubber Fender Bespoke Boat Bumper Fender for customers in different industries, we also provide customers with technical support, professional solutions and other personal instant services. We focus on customer needs to provide competitive products and services and create maximum value for customers. At the same time, we also pay attention to product quality and delivery time. We expect the relationship with our customers to be a long-term partnership and a win-win cooperation.
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