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Hotel Trash Can Dustbin Leather Recycle Waste Bin

Hotel Trash Can Dustbin Leather Recycle Waste Bin
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Product Details

Over the years, we have developed into a famous manufacturer in the industry of Plastic Floating Dock, Cable Support Stands, Marine Plastic Fender. As product updating fast, we succeed in developing many high quality products for our clients and get high reputation. We are dedicated to developing and managing partners, maintaining good communication with partners or customers, and actively resolving customer issues and delivering quality services. We focus on the needs of customers, we will listen attentively to the voice.

The recycled plastic lumber which product by Winstar has 90% minimum recycled HDPE. Choosing Winstar Extreplas®are help you make a new, recycled products. It can help to save resource and decrease pollution.


Product Features

image005 Graffiti Resistant and easy to clean

image007 Termite & Marine Borer, Mold Resistant

image009 Not Combustible

image011 Environmental Friendly & Recyclable

There are two mainly factors effect the plastic lumbers bending deformation during use:

1.The architectural structure design does not match the product installation requirements. Structural design should be combined with application and product type、density and thickness, as well as  beam span, otherwise there will be problems. For example, the floor is too thin or the bottom beam span is too large (beyond the recommended span), the plastic lumber will be bent and deformed, wood and WPC lumber will be brittle and broken.

2.Improper installation method. A reasonable expansion reserve space shall be reserved for the installation of plastic plates (see product instructions for details). As long as a reasonable reservation is made during installation, bending deformation will not occur.


1. What is recycled plastic lumber made from?

Our recycled plastic lumber is 100% plastic and contains over 90% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) , the raw material is safe and non-toxic, plastic such as milk bottle, water and juice containers and detergent bottles.

2.Will the color of WIN STAR product fade or change color rapidly?

No one can guarantee the product will not fade completely, but we adopt grade 7 masterbatch;In addition, the product also add anti-uv additives, to ensure that the color lasts for a long time when used outdoors, without significant fading.

In the process of active innovation and bold breakthrough, we aim to become one of the world's leading Hotel Trash Can Dustbin Leather Recycle Waste Bin enterprises, constantly meet the needs of customers with high-quality service and products! Innovation is the foundation of our company's existence and a prerequisite for our long-term development mission. In order to improve the overall economic benefits, it is necessary to speed up the reform of enterprise management while doing a good job in the basic work of enterprise management.
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