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Home Decoration Planter/Garden Flower Pot/Metal Planter Box for Garden

Home Decoration Planter/Garden Flower Pot/Metal Planter Box for Garden
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We have always insisted on selecting high-quality raw materials and advanced processing techniques to reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of the Retaining Wall, Waterproof Plastic Lumber, Outdoor Furniture Plank. The company has established a technology development department, quality management department, production purchasing and marketing center, customer service center and other collaborative departments. Our corporate mission is to enhance customer value and catalyze employee capabilities. We are always committed to the development and utilization of new products by continuously improving our technologies. Our company has trained a group of business teams and technical personnel with strong professional knowledge to provide customers with accurate and timely product information and excellent after-sales service in all aspects.

The garden flower box which used Extreplas are more stronger , anti-UV added can keep the color all the same even time past. It can make your courtyard quite distinctive.

No fiber added, adopt 100% recycled plastic materials make the lumber materials will not absorb and permeate any poisonous substance, it can also against the warm, free maintenance. Give you and your family a safety environment.

The wood surface will make it perfect integration with the nature!


Reasons for choosing plastic lumber as your base materials


1. Is your products will have strong plastic feeling like some injection molding products?

Of course not. Extreplas® products use low foaming continuous extrusion process and are formed in one body with good consistency. The uniform and fine micro-foam surface makes the product look natural and beautiful. Looking like has no plastic feeling. Fundamentally different from low-end discontinuous molding plastic products with rough surface and strong plastic feeling.

2.Should it be per-drilled before install?

Pre drilling is not necessary, But pre drilling will make it easier to install and look neat.

3.What about the warranty on recycled plastic timber?

We offer a 50-year limited warranty and ensure that our recycled plastic products do not cause damage to insects, dry rot, mildew, corrosion and fungal decay. Our warranty covers the composition of the product itself. Due to the wide range of USES of this product, we obviously cannot cover vandalism, poor or incorrect installation or any problems caused by conditions or circumstances that are considered abnormal for recycled plastic wood.

We continue to promote the standardization and institutionalization of business management, comprehensively improve work standards, and establish a good image in the Home Decoration Planter/Garden Flower Pot/Metal Planter Box for Garden industry, which will surely create more profitable economic and social benefits. We establish an effective system, strengthen quality tracking, and strive to produce high-quality and advanced products. With the goal of 'zero defect'.
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