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Flexible Post Spring Post / Reflective Road Warning Post

Flexible Post Spring Post / Reflective Road Warning Post
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We emphasize the development of products and technological innovation, and produce our Marine Lumber, Plastic Yard Fencing, Fender Bumper with scientific and stable concepts. The R&D, design and production of each of our product focuses on technological innovation and precision manufacturing, strictly controlled in accordance with the quality management system to ensure the performance and quality of each factory equipment. With good corporate reputation, unique management style and strong market development capabilities, we have achieved many outstanding achievements.


Our Road Warning Post is using outdoor for warning. We can customized reflective sticker, colour, height and size. The key for outdoor uses is not fading, free maintenance and long useful life. Choose us, you will never regret.

A road pile is a common name for a cylindrical roadblock. Often made of rubber, PVC, PE by blow molding, steel pipe and injection molding, with good warning, flexibility, anti-car rolling, mainly used in urban intersection lanes, highway maintenance, traffic police law enforcement, road law enforcement, hotels, residential areas, airports, banks, schools, trade centers, sports venues, dangerous areas, road construction areas and so on.

Our Road Warning Post is collision-resistant and flexible, and is used for the isolation between roads, buildings and parking spaces, so that the driving motor vehicles play a warning role.

It can work normally in rainy and snowy days. Easy to install and little maintenance. The utility model is equipped with a lifting ring and is easy to carry and connect the isolation belt, the isolation chain and the isolation rod at the same time. It is made of new technology and has good elasticity. It can withstand the violent impact of external forces and quickly return to its original state after rolling.



Our merchandise are commonly recognized and reliable by customers and can meet constantly developing economic and social desires for Flexible Post Spring Post / Reflective Road Warning Post. We always listen to the voice of customers, timely solve the problems of customers and constantly improve and enhance the quality of products to meet the new needs of the market. Our after sales service organization is perfect and fast, so as to provide 24 hours of professional maintenance and solve difficult customer problems in time.
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