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Easily Installed Wood Plastic Composite Flooring WPC Decking

Easily Installed Wood Plastic Composite Flooring WPC Decking
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We devote ourselves to providing customers with competitive Marine Cross Bracing, Marine Piling, HDPE Plank and services, creating value for customers, teams and society. We try our best to build a modern enterprise with unique and quality products. The company's products are of high quality and are exported to many countries in the world.


The width of our wharf deck can be 300mm max. They are made of non-polluting, environment recyclable plastic. We can provide the most suitable products for you whenever you have a need. Our products are waterproof, insect proof, no brittle and wear-resistant.

Deck (deck) is an important component of the hull, which is a plane structure located above the inner bottom plate in the ship structure, which is used to seal the inner space of the ship and divide it into layers horizontally. The deck is the steel plate on the beam of the ship, which divides the hull into the upper, middle and lower layers.
The steel plate arranged horizontally in the hull is called the deck, and the hull is divided into several layers by the deck. The forward and aft deck of the uppermost ship is called the upper deck (upper deck). If all openings are sealed and watertight, this deck can also be called the main deck (main deck), also known as the tonnage deck at the time of measurement.



Replacement of traditional wood products, saving more natural resources. Waste plastic recycling, the best solution of white pollution. The most typical of recycling, using recycled plastic materials and recycled again after service life. Water can flow and pass through, simple construction method, protecting marine ecological environment. From raw material, the cost of plastic will be higher than WPC and wood. From the usage period, plastic lumber can be used more than 50 years,  Our Wharf Deck is 3-5 times than WPC and wood. During the life cycle, it saves many times remove cost、installation cost and purchase of new lumbers cost. So the comprehensive cost is very cheap, and save more time and energy for you.


We continue to develop and produce a wide range of high-performance Easily Installed Wood Plastic Composite Flooring WPC Decking that meet the needs of our customers. After years of steady development, our company adheres to the concept of improving the quality of life with technological innovation, and brings product technology closer to consumers. We are willing to work hard, use wisdom and sweat to create better products, and sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life on the basis of sincere trust and mutual benefit for common development.
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