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Custom Outdoor Modern Style Rusty Metal Planter

Custom Outdoor Modern Style Rusty Metal Planter
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Since our Floating Deck, HDPE Plastic Fender, Outdoor Flooring is manufactured with precision, complete varieties and excellent quality, we have long-term cooperation with famous large-scale manufacturers at home and abroad, and are well received by customers. Our company's culture not only reflects the characteristics of colorful, open and transparent, and mutual respect, but also conveys clear goals for struggle. Our factory implements the principles of unity, pragmatism, progress, integrity, harmony and development. Our company has always followed the people-oriented business philosophy and set up a perfect quality service system.

The environment recycled plastic lumber are the best ideal choice for your outdoor planter.The lumber can fit for all kinds of climate. Including sunny day, snowing day, windy day! It can resist Stains and corrosive substances, and it is not easy to crack, desquamated or rot.


Materials and Applications

To meet different customers and usage field request, Extreplas® products had divided into three series products:

Select plastic lumber: Mainly adopt 100% recycled plastic (HDPE+PP),can be replaced wood、WPC as fence, outdoor furniture 、decking and other outdoor applications.

Fiber reinforced lumber: Upgrade products of select plastic lumber, has better properties and more imitation wood surface. Fit for people who has high requirement of surface and properties.

Structural reinforced lumber: Insert reinforced bars, fit for post, beam and pile etc.

Excellent waterproof



1. Is recycled plastic products can be used in water for a long time?

Of course, raw material of plastic lumber adopt 90% recycled plastic, water absorb is 0.04%, it's 1/50  of WPC. Since our company established more than 20 years. the plastic fender produced by Winstar had been  always used in water and no problems occurred.

2.Is recycled plastic lumber easy to be brittle?

Different from the brittle material of WPC, the plastic lumber has good toughness because it does not add any plant fiber. When overloaded, it will only bend but not break, so it is safe.Wood, WPC will easy to fracture when overload.

Since our company has been engaged in the research and development of Custom Outdoor Modern Style Rusty Metal Planter for many years, we have accumulated a lot of experience to facilitate users to choose high-quality products. We insist that in our business activities, we should know how to invest but never engage in speculation and not be unscrupulously and profit-oriented. We focuse on innovation, quality and other factors directly related to our business.
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