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China Factory Vinyl PVC Plastic Spc Flooring Plank with Fast Delivery

China Factory Vinyl PVC Plastic Spc Flooring Plank with Fast Delivery
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Our company continuously develops the market on the basis of maintaining the original mature Litter Bin, Jetty Fender, Fiber Reinforced Plastic Lumber. To create a beautiful upcoming, we wish to cooperate with all close friends in the home and overseas. By establishing the common enterprise concept, enterprise spirit and values among the employees, we can enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and devote ourselves to the service for customers with full enthusiasm. After years of joint efforts of all employees, we have gradually won more and more customer support. We are committed to the principles of honest, people-centric service, and technological innovation and sustainable development.

SHENYANG WIN STAR PLASTIC CO., LTD. Has more than 20 years experience of production and R&D in recycled plastics. Customization is available for different specifications and performances to serve different applications. For example, the thickness range is 10mm to 300mm, width range is 30mm to 300mm, density can be ranged from 0.6-0.96 for different application. Highly water proof and durable performance, closer wood-like feeling, make Extreplas® series both have the properties of plastics and wood appearance. Once installed, can be safely use for 50 years.


Product Application


1. Of course, it is. Since the products do not contain any wood plant fiber and other organic ingredients. So they cut off the food source and breeding conditions basically for insects. Not only termites but also other insects do not harm our products.

2. The products do not contain any wood flour, plant fiber and other organic ingredients. The main raw material is recycled plastic, so all finished products have ultra-low water absorption rate, only 0.04%. It is 1/50 of WPC, and 1/320 of wood. So in the use process, the product will not absorb moisture and moldy rot, deformation. It can be soaked in water for a long time. Plastic lumber will not decrease it is mechanical properties after meet water like wood and WPC.

3. There are two mainly factors effect the plastic lumbers bending deformation during use:

1) The architectural structure design does not match the product installation requirements.Structural design should be combined with application and product type、density and thickness, as well as  beam span, otherwise there will be problems.For example, the floor is too thin or the bottom beam span is too large (beyond the recommended span), the plastic lumber will be bent and deformed, wood and WPC lumber will be brittle and broken.

2) Improper installation method.A reasonable expansion reserve space shall be reserved for the installation of plastic plates (see product instructions for details). As long as a reasonable reservation is made during installation, bending deformation will not occur.

We have many years of rich manufacturing experience. We meet the individual needs of customers with advanced design concepts, produce high-quality China Factory Vinyl PVC Plastic Spc Flooring Plank with Fast Delivery for customers and provide comprehensive after-sales services for them. Now our company has formed a new strategy integrating new product promotion, production, sales and service, adhering to the concept of 'integrity-based, customer first'. Our company is recognized by the industry for the high-quality products, reasonable prices, and honest service.
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