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2020 New Best Outdoor Folding Picnic Portable Picnic Table for 4 Person

2020 New Best Outdoor Folding Picnic Portable Picnic Table for 4 Person
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Continuously, we have a wide group of clients not only because of our reliable Flower Planter Box, Pasture Fence, Trash Can, but also because of our innovation and development technology. We are in continuous service to our growing local and international clients. We start from innovation, aim to achieve the best user experience and maximize value creation to achieve industry development.

Extreplas® provides high grade substrates for the production of outdoor picnic table. The main raw material is 100% HDPE premium recyclable plastics. The product is not only environmentally friendly, but also non-toxic and tasteless. Even children can feel at ease when using.


Popular Colors


*Colors can be customized accord to clients request.



Do you provide furniture or base material?

Mainly on base materials , Winstar can supply different size and colour plastic lumber for outdoor furniture manufacturers. Also support customized accord to the drawings.


Is recycled plastic timber flammable?

Plastic is a flammable but non-flammable material which is difficult to ignite, and it is always goes out by its own after flame.

The flash point for wood is 440℃, but the flash point of wood is 218℃. It is about 2 times than wood.

For the products with fire protection requirements, special order can be made, using fire retardant receipts.


Can it be imitation wood grain surface?

Yes, we provide polishing and embossing process to make the surface of products look more like wood and play the role of anti-skid, winstar glass fiber reinforced series products have better effect of imitating wood.

2020 New Best Outdoor Folding Picnic Portable Picnic Table for 4 Person are mainly exported. Our company has strong technical force and can undertake the development and production of various stainless steel products. Our company is strong, trustworthy, abiding by contracts, guaranteeing product quality, and we uphold a variety of operating characteristics and the principle of small profits and quick turnover, and have won the trust of customers. We bravely challenge the burden of scientific and technological research and create a better tomorrow!


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