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10FT Green T Post, Grape Post for America Vineyard

10FT Green T Post, Grape Post for America Vineyard
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We are specialized in the development, production and sales of Marine Pile, Vinyl Sign Post, HDPE Plank. After years of hard work, pioneering and enterprising, we have continued to grow and develop in the fierce market competition and enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad. We rely on the product concept of excellence, deeply loved by consumers for many years. We are an enterprise with sustainable development capabilities.

Traditional iron and wood grade yard poles have proven to be susceptible to weather and temperature, making them a short-term and expensive solution. Fortunately, Extreplas® line of products makes that a thing of the past. Extreplas® vineyard pole made from renewable plastics do not fade or rot, but bend even under strong wind conditions without breaking. It is resistant to termites and is resistant to salt and alkali and is not affected by oil. No need for paint maintenance, low maintenance costs.


Improved performance index through


1. Strength

2. Hardness

3. Impact resistance

4.Fire resistance

5.Weather resistance


7.High temperature resistance



1. What is HDPE?

High density polyethylene (HDPE) is white powder or granular product.Non-toxic, tasteless; Good wear resistance, electrical insulation, toughness and cold resistance; Chemical stability, at room temperature, insoluble in any organic solvents, acid, alkali and all kinds of salt corrosion; Low water absorption, especially suitable for outdoor products as raw materials.


What is the difference of molding extruded lumber and continuously extruded lumber?

Different with low end molding plastic lumber,Extreplas® products adopt advanced continuous extrusion process, products not only have the properties of plastic but also better imitation wood grain:

High quality required for the raw materials. Less impurities, stable performance and longer service life.

Product internal foam uniform, no continuous large holes, stable quality and performance.

The appearance of the product is beautiful and regular, closer to nature wood, high degree of nature integration, which improves the users' comfortable experience and high satisfaction.

Continuously extruded production process, the length of the product is unlimited and welcome customization

Our company aims to operating faithfully, serving to all of our customers, and working in new technology and new machine constantly for 10FT Green T Post, Grape Post for America Vineyard. 'Dedicated to providing reliable customer service' is our aim. We have experienced manufacturing facilities with more than 100 employees.
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