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Strict quality control, create superior product quality

Quality Certification

Winstar products passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, and the quality standard of the United States ASTM is set for the enterprise standards, each link is in strict accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality management system to set Job responsibilities and evaluation standard, to make each link has a strict quality control on  any of the products from research and development, production, to final delivery. It is the only manufacturer of plastic fender (wooden pile) in China whose product quality meets ASTM standard.

Quality Assurance

Company suggests quality monitoring to be made in every link from the raw material Warehousing Entry to product EX-warehouse. Winstar product’s production process reaches to 32, quality inspection process reaches to 28, process with every step is strictly monitored, which including inspection of raw materials into the factory, production-process inspection, finished-product inspection, inspection before delivery. Through strict control of process, ultimately to provide quality products to our customers.

Winstar Honers

1. Passed the national light industrial plastic product quality supervision detection

2. Quality passed "Hong Kong Fujitsu technology testing laboratory" test which recognized authority detection agent by HK government.

3. Meet ASTM standards, being the exclusive supplier by the Hong Kong government of maritime engineering department.


Pofessional testing equipment and R&D laboratory

Professional testing equipment and accurate instruments to ensure the quality of products.Our company has electric thermostatic drying oven, analytical balance, Fender pressure testing-machine, plate vulcanizing press, melt flow rate instrument, universal testing machine, box-type resistance furnace, cantilever beam impact testing machine, injection molding machine and other specialized equipment, which can be accurate test for raw materials, sample piece and finished product, including water absorption, weight, bending, elastic modulus, melt index, bending performance, tensile properties, compression performance, impact strength, properties such as inorganic filler content. Comprehensive guarantee for customers to provide qualified products at the same time for the follow-up product development and continuous improvement to provide effective data support and basis.