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Structural Plastic Lumber

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Product Details

Adopting Winstar Structural plastic lumber as the base or substructure that not only provides structural integrity requirements for your project, but also it can help to protect the project from other interfering factors so that it can be used with the decorative board on the top for a long time.



● Bridges

● Elevated platforms

● Landing stage

● Trestle

● Terrace


Packing & Delivery


Carefully check the shipping list. making sure no mistake.

Generally with pallet or carton, customized packing is accepted.

Our Service

Guarantee you a wonderful purchase experience
1. Free sample is available.
2. Rich variety of products can be choosed.
3. Meet personalized requirement
4. Provide professional advice for your engineering design
5. Supply technical guidance for installation.
6. Provide after-sale service for maintenance instruction.  


1. What is HDPE?

High density polyethylene (HDPE) is white powder or granular product.Non-toxic, tasteless;Good wear resistance, electrical insulation, toughness and cold resistance;Chemical stability, at room temperature, insoluble in any organic solvents, acid, alkali and all kinds of salt corrosion;Low water absorption, especially suitable for outdoor products as raw materials.

2.Is recycled plastic lumber termite proof?

Of course, it is. Since the products do not contain any wood plant fiber and other organic ingredients. So they cut off the food source and breeding conditions basically for insects. Not only termites but also other insects do not harm our products.

3.Is recycled plastic products can be used in water for a long time?

Of course, raw material of plastic lumber adopt 90% recycled plastic, water absorb is 0.04%, it's 1/50  of WPC. Since our company established more than 20 years. the plastic fender produced by Winstar had been always used in water and no problems occurred.

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