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Plastic Marker Post

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Winstar Plastic Marker Post adopts 100% recycled material, free maintenance and no painting, long useful life. It can be installed on the surface or into the soil. Customized colors are also available for different usage at the different scenes.



Our Plastic Marker Post is Better load-bearing capacity than wood, WPC, steel and concrete, it is more than 30 years life with ultralow maintenance, it is no rotting, no splintering, UV, water and severe weather resistant, it is easy to process with normal woodworking tools and environmentally friendly. The product is available in multiple dimensions and colors.



The products do not contain any wood flour, plant fiber and other organic ingredients. The main raw material is recycled plastic, so all finished products have an ultra-low water absorption rate, only 0.04%. It is 1/50 of WPC, and 1/320 of wood. So in the use process, the product will not absorb moisture and moldy rot, deformation. It can be soaked in water for a long time. Plastic lumber will not decrease it is mechanical properties after meet water like wood and WPC.

All Win Star recycled plastic lumber products do not contain any organic fiber and are formed in one body. The product has the same internal and external color and is resistant to wear and will not fade due to wear. In all Extreplas® outdoor boards, anti-perimeter additives and light fast colorants above grade 7 are uniformly added to the raw materials, which can keep the product's bright and durable color and no significant fading even in the insulation environment.

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