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Cable Support Stands

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Solid Cable Support Stands can be used in many public places like: squares, parks, banks, parking , docks and so on. The solid cable support stands is resistant to impact, non-toxic and non-polluting, which has a long service life, and can be recycled. It helps to consume plastic and does not produce secondary garbage. Totally safety used. It is best choice for engineering and government.


Application Field

● Squares

● Parks

● Banks





1. Is recycled plastic lumber easy to be brittle?

Different from the brittle material of WPC, the plastic lumber has good toughness because it does not add any plant fiber. When overloaded, it will only bend but not break, so it is safe.Wood, WPC will easy to fracture when overload.

2.Is your products need maintenance?

Extreplas® products developed by WINSTAR adopt over 90% recycled plastics and supplemented by additives, which are free of plant fibers such as wood powder and have almost zero water absorption rate, so that products will not rot, mildew and brittle due to water absorption. Additives such as anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet are added in the raw materials so that the product will not be brittle or powdery .Therefore, Extreplas® products are free maintenance.

3.How do I place an order?

You can place orders by sending e-mails to us. Or call us by telephone directly. This is my business card. On it has our company's e-mail address and telephone number. ( Let us know what is convenient for you.)

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