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Flower Planter Box

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The Extreplas® recycled plastic wood are the beset choice for making outdoor Flower planter Box. You are also choose the sustainable and maintenance-free solutions to choose our recycled plastic products.

The color of our plastic wood had consistent color inside and outside. It has better properties of anti- UV. You will have home feeling weather it is used at country, city and park.

Recycled HDPE material not root and crack. It is very strong. The useful life can be more than 50 years. Even at severe weather, it can keep all the same.

Other side, the material are easy to clean, free maintenance ,on a long view, it can not only save time but also save money for you!


Popular Color


*Color can be customized if have special request



Will the color of WIN STAR product fade or change color rapidly?

No one can guarantee the product will not fade completely, but we adopt grade 7 masterbatch; In addition, the product also add anti-uv additives, to ensure that the color lasts for a long time when used outdoors, without significant fading.


Does Recycled Plastic cost more than wood?/ How does the price compare to wood products?

From raw material, the cost of plastic will be higher than WPC and wood.

From the usage period, plastic lumber can be used more than 50 years, it is 3-5 times than WPC and wood. During the life cycle, it saves many times remove Cost、installation cost and purchase of new lumbers cost. So the comprehensive cost is very cheap, and save more time and energy for you.


Is Winstar products has quality guarantee?

Winstar is committed to the research and development of recycled plastics for more than 20 years, with a professional research and development team, gained 13 technical patents. At the same time, the company has passed ISO9001 quality certification, and the products have also been tested by the third party, providing you with limited quality assurance services.

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