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Are you worried for the color of the litter bin too simple? Fade with long time usages? You can contact us, we will help you to free the worry. Winstar can customized all colors and advice the popular color to their customs.

We added anti-UV, had strict control on the raw materials. Just want to supply the best high quality products to you. The extruded production process make the inside and outside the same.

Winstar devoted on supplying high quality furniture base materials to the customers. Provide efficient customized service, make your imagination comes true.


Products Advantages



1. Do you provide furniture or base material?

Mainly on base materials , Winstar can supply different size and color plastic lumber for outdoor furniture manufacturers. Also support customized accord to the drawings.

2.How about fasteners?

Same with wood and WPC, no special fasteners required.

3.How do I clean my furniture?

Any standard cleaner can be used to clean our products without harming the plastic. Pressure washing is also a good idea from time to time to remove built-up dirt and debris.

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