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With a professional technical team and reassuring product quality, WIN STAR can provide OEM and ODM customized services to provide services and help for your business and market development, also solve your worries.

--Over the past 20 years, with the rapidly increase of using recycled plastic lumber, which produced by WIN STAR. In marine protection and commercial applications,  WINSTAR design and launch a kind of durable, sturdy and efficient plastic lumber Series - Extreplas®, which can replace traditional outdoor building materials such as wood timber, metal and concrete. The finished product of Extreplas® is a premium engineering grade plastic board that provides durable and long lasting solutions for outdoor furniture manufacturers and construction engineers in the selection of materials.

Customized Shape

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Trapezoid Fender D fender

Customized deep processing

图三 图四
Cutting Drilling

ODM Products

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Cable Pile Target Eye

Customized Colour

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