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Solid Wood Laminate Flooring

Jun 21, 2019

The solid wood composite wood floor is divided into three layers of solid wood composite flooring, multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, and new solid wood composite flooring. Since it is interlaced by plates of different tree species, it overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood flooring one-way homogeneity. The dry shrinkage rate is small, the dimensional stability is good, and the natural wood grain and comfortable foot feeling of the solid wood floor are retained. It is suitable for the natural beauty that likes solid wood flooring, and is also afraid of the unstable consumer groups of solid wood flooring.

Solid wood composite flooring and the stability of composite wood flooring and the aesthetics of solid wood flooring, and the environmental protection advantages, the new solid wood composite flooring with high performance value should be the development trend of the wood flooring industry.

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