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Plastic Polymer Structure

May 28, 2019

There are basically two types of plastic polymer structures: the first one is a linear structure, the polymer compound having such a structure is called a linear polymer compound, and the second is a bulk structure, and a polymer compound having such a structure It is called a bulk polymer compound. Some polymers have a branched chain called a branched polymer, which is a linear structure. Some polymers have cross-linking between molecules, but cross-linking is less. It is called a network structure and belongs to a body structure.

Two different structures exhibit two opposite properties. The linear structure (including the branched structure) polymer has the characteristics of elasticity, plasticity, solubility in a solvent, melting by heating, and low hardness and brittleness due to the presence of independent molecules. Since the bulk structure polymer does not have independent macromolecules, it has no elasticity and plasticity, cannot be dissolved and melted, and can only swell, and has high hardness and brittleness. Plastics are made of two kinds of polymers. Thermoplastics are made of linear polymers, and thermosets are made of bulk polymers.