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Plastic Distinction And Use

May 18, 2019

Plastics are also divided into general-purpose plastics and engineering plastics, which are mainly defined by the wide range of uses. For example, PE and PP are inexpensive and can be produced on a variety of different types of machines. Engineering plastics are more expensive, but the stability of materials and physical properties are much better. In general, they have both rigidity and toughness.

PVC transparent plastic plate: the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the use of high-grade imported raw and auxiliary materials produced by a high-strength, high-transparent plastic sheet. The products are available in white, sapphire, brown and brown. Thickness: 2mm-20mm.1220mmx2440mm 1300mmx2000mm The product surface is covered with double-sided transparent mold. Performance characteristics: The product has high strength, high transparency, good weather resistance, non-toxic, hygienic and physical properties superior to plexiglass. Uses: This product is widely used in equipment guards, instrument housings, interiors, drinking water tanks, liquid level display, etc.