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Dock Piling

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Product Details

With recycled plastic as the main material and built-in reinforced bars, the dock piling has better performance than traditional piles such as wood, metal and cement, and it is resistant to corrosion, anti-aging and non-corrosion. Widely used in light Bridges, plank roads, other shallow seas and soft-soil structural pile foundations, and it can also be used as fender pile and mooring post.



Performance Advantages

Winstar plastic pile is made of polyethylene composite recycled plastic. It has strong rigidity and toughness due to the raw material itself, and is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and oxidation. It has good weather resistance and corrosion resistance, does not react with seawater, and absorbs water. Weak, no cracking, no shape, anti-insect, etc., the materials of Winstar plastic fenders are evenly distributed, stable in performance, smooth in surface, low in friction coefficient, and can increase the rigidity of the product by adding reinforcing ribs. Impact resistance, so it not only satisfies the requirements of protecting docks, boats and bridges from damage, but also free maintenance the whole period of use. It has a long service life and is suitable for a new generation of hydrophilic pile-based products under severe conditions.

What we do

We produce all kinds of HDPE Recycled plastic products for any shapes and colors. All you need, we'll supply. 

When we established

The company founder has been engage in the engineering plastics business for more than 20 years. Since2002, our own factory was built and the company starts operation.

Why chose us

1.Years of experience in Recycled plastic product production
2.Cooperate with leading raw material manufacturer and leading company in marine system
3.High quality raw material
4.Package and delivery by international standard pallet



Compared with the traditional plastic fender/pile, what improvements and upgrades have Winstar made?

● Using high quality plastic, stable performance

● Improve the reinforced bars process, increase the grip force

● High-quality reinforced bars, the impact resistance is  improved greatly

2.Do you provide OEM services?

Yes, we would like to supply OEM service

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