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Marine Cross Bracing

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Marine cross bracing is necessary for marine construction. It works as fixed and support. We can also customized pre-drill as customers' request. Of course, the drill tool and method of the cross brace are the same as the traditional wood.


Environment friendly

Plastic fender/pile is a new type of environmental pier protection materials

1. The material adopt recycled plastic.Cut down the plastic pollution

2. Application replace wood,WPC,save the resource of the forest

3. Can be recycled,no continuous pollution

4.Wood need to be antiseptic treatment, antiseptic substance will pollute the water and soil. Winstar recycled plastic will not absorb and exudation any poison, it will not be any pollution to the environment

5.Choose high quality recycled plastic, safe and no poisonous.

The best solution for plastic garbage- recycling and reuse



1. Saves natural resources, can be recycled after use.

2. Strong impact resistance, 15 times than southern pine.

3. High strength, bearing capacity is bigger than wood.

4.Good anti-corrosion property, smooth surface, lower friction coefficient, reduced impact reduction.

5.Strong tolerance, no corrosion,  rustproof, no decay, not affected by Marine moth.

6.Long service life, 4-6 times than wood.

7.No debris after use, maintenance-free and saves the environmental maintenance fee of the wharf.

8.Reduce the cost, comprehensive cost low.


1. Harbor Construction Boats
2. Individual profiles on quay walls
3. Rubbing Strips
4. Wear Pads to cover wood and rubber
5. Low friction bushings
6. Docks Pilings
7. Fenders for dock plate protection
8. Wear plates and slides
10. Floating Docks
11. Slide wall fenders to protect
12.Wear plates where dock meets pillage


1. Is Winstar products has quality guarantee?

Winstar is committed to the research and development of recycled plastics for more than 20 years, with a professional research and development team , gained 13 technical patents.At the same time, the company has passed ISO9001 quality certification, and the products have also been tested by the third party, providing you with limited quality assurance services

2. How to get a quotation fast?

With detail information such as size、color、density、quantity… We will make a quotation for you within 24 hours. Drawings are preferable.


3. Can I get a sample?

Yes, we offer sample for customers to evaluate quality and presents to their end customers.


4. What's MOQ condition?

5 cubic meters is most preferred. But for new client, less qty is also welcome as trial order.


5. How to order?

If you have interests in our products, pls tell us the size and quantity you want to order.

We will send you a formal Performa Invoice.

You make 30% advanced payment by TT, and after we receive your payment, we will begin production. When the goods are ok, we deliver the goods after you make 70% balance payment.

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