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Bridge Pier Fender

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Bridge pier fender is a kind of new patent product, being used in marine or river as pier protection. It could be assembled at the bridge directly or as a fence surround by the bridge. As the surface of the ship is smooth, low friction can reduce the damage of the boat.

The fender, also known as the guard of the ship, is a kind of elastic cushioning device used at the wharf or the edge of the ship, which is made of wood and rubber. It is mainly used to slow down the impact between the ship and the wharf or ship in the process of landing or mooring, and to prevent or eliminate damage to the ship or wharf.



Bridge pier fender can be used for fender piles and system, structural piles, bridge protection, guide walls and locks, corner fenders,  dolphins,  navigation markers, walings and bullrails.


Fenders are necessary to buffer protection for ports, ships, bridge piers, etc., and the Winstar plastic fender is another new generation of waterfront and port protection products after the advent of rubber fenders. It has the following advantages:

High strength, good impact resistance, strong rigidity, and strength and structure can be adjusted as needed. Corrosion resistance, anti-aging, rust-proof, UV and ozone resistance, high corrosion resistance, especially suitable for extremely harsh environments such as oceans, wetlands, swamps, beaches, salt lakes. Smooth surface and low friction coefficient (Pockmarked, high friction coefficient products can be customized). Long service life, maintenance-free during use, ultra-low maintenance costs, and low comprehensive cost. Simple construction, short construction period, low cost, no blocking of ocean currents, Protect the marine ecological environment, do not pollute the seawater. It can be piling and drilling, easy to cut, convenient construction and unlimited length (subject to transportation restrictions).

The raw materials are recycled plastics. It can be recycled after the products used, environmental and no pollution. Normal color is black, can be customized to other colors according to customer needs.


Bridge pier fender is easy to have chemical reactions with oxygen, especially in swamps, wetlands, mudflats, sea lakes and other places with heavy moisture, rust and corrosion, so it is necessary to do antisepsis regularly. When in salt, alkali, Marine and other environments, it is also easy to have chemical reactions with its chemical substances, and corrosion. Metal pipe is generally hard and brittle. When it gets a big momentary shock, it is difficult to slow down the impact force through elastic deformation, and it is easy to be cracked and fractured by impact. Affect its service life.

The reinforced concrete pile is made of cement, sand, stone and water. Although it is hard after solidification, it is prone to chalking if it is immersed in water environment for a long time,  not only seriously polluting the water environment but also reinforced concrete piles. It will become mottled because of constant erosion, and the impact resistance will be seriously degraded.

Reinforced concrete itself has a poor tensile ability and is prone to crack or fracture due to tension. When used in a water environment, the disadvantage is more significant. Using reinforced concrete pile, usually need site construction, not only cost labor, cost formwork, and often site construction cycle is long, and also subject to the seasonal influence, seriously affect the completion time of the project. The site construction period is long, affected by the season.

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