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Marine Bridges Decking

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Win star Marine Bridges Decking is perfect with the advantages of maintenance-free, no brittle, non-absorbent. This Marine Bridges Decking is not only suitable for the ocean, but also for all parks and public entertainment places. With more than 50 years useful life, the purchasers will be very comfortable and ease to choose our products.

Bridge deck pavement refers to the protective layer laid on the bridge deck with asphalt concrete, cement concrete, high molecular polymer and other materials in order to protect the bridge deck and distribute the concentrated load of the wheels.

Also known as lane pavement, its function is to protect the bridge deck from direct wear of wheels or tracks, to protect the main girder from Rain Water erosion, and to disperse the concentrated load of the wheels. The commonly used bridge deck is equipped with cement concrete and asphalt concrete. Waterproof concrete pavement is also used on the bridge deck without waterproof layer.



Our Marine Bridges Decking is non-slip, especially in wet environment.  It is comfortable to touch feeling, it can allow people to walk around carefree with barefoot.UV, water and severe weather-resistant, refractory or fire-resistant, vivid natural wood beauty, no painting or dyeing.

Extreplas® products developed by WINSTAR adopt over 90% recycled plastics and supplemented by additives, which are free of plant fibers such as wood powder and have almost zero water absorption rate, so that products will not rot, mildew and brittle due to water absorption. Additives such as anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet are added in the raw materials so that the product will not be brittle or powdery. Therefore, Extreplas® products are free maintenance.

Virtually all deck fasteners can be used with our plastic timber planks. We use stainless steel / zinc plated screws in the manufacture of our outdoor furniture. Plastic timber planks also hold nails and screws 40-50% better than wood.

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