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Plastic Floating Dock

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Floating docks are deeply loved by people because of their variety and configurations sizes. Our 100% recycled plastic materials have excellent marine properties and versatility functions, offering unlimited options for water depths and types. The floating dock is especially suitable for the depth place where are difficult to piling, bottom soil is soft, the place where form a threaten to the fixed dock and the water level fluctuates greatly.



Winstar is proud to offer customer the most reliable plastic floating dock. It can be installed on water (river, lake and ocean).

Our secret: twenty years R&D in the floating dock industry. The result: a plastic floating maintenance-free, water-proof, no warm attached, and easy to assemble. And you can configure our floating dock in any way you like.

The days of massive wood and metal docks are over! Winstar reached a new era.


1. What colors are available?

Our colors range from dark to light. The conventional fender color is black, you can also provide color samples and swatches to order custom colors. Due to the high cost of color products, in order to reduce the procurement cost, the colorful surface series fender products are bring out. Contact us for availability and prices.

2.We do not know how to choose the size of the products, could you give us some advice?

Of course, you can contact us and tell us the specific application and using environment, preferably with design drawings. Our engineers will recommend suitable specifications and give installation Suggestions according to the environment and application you are using

3.Is Winstar products has quality guarantee?

Winstar is committed to the research and development of recycled plastics for more than 20 years, with a professional research and development team , gained 13 technical patents.At the same time, the company has passed ISO9001 quality certification, and the products have also been tested by the third party, providing you with limited quality assurance services

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