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Recycled Plastic Board Colorful

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At Winstar extreplas  plastic lumber, we take pride in offering high quality recycled plastic lumber for a multitude of applications and with competitive pricing. 

The advantages of plastic versus wood are endless. Here are just a few:

-Plastic lumber requires very little maintenance and is easier to clean than traditional wood, color throughout

-Resistant to salt, water, stains, insects, UV, and more

-Will not mold, rot, splinter, or leach toxic chemicals

-Can be engineered to specifications, ASTM tested

-Looks like wood without the need to ever paint or stain

-No special installation equipment ~ standard woodworking tools are all that is needed

-Limited warranty UP TO 50 YEARS!



1. Lab data shows, The water absorb of HDPE is 0.04%.Which is close to zero, WPC is 40-50 times than HDPE, and Wood is more than 300-400 times than HDPE. Because of high wood fiberglass content.


2. Why the waterproof is so important for outdoor usage like benches, tables,dustbins,decking etc. It is because after Soak in water for a long time, the properties of higher water absorb products will decrease, the wood ingredient will corrode and rot reduce the service life.also effect the aesthetics.

Our lumber is made from 100% Recycled HDPE source from milk jugs and detergent bottles we used in our daily life. So it’s totally safe without toxic and also super environmentally friendly. It can reduce plastic pollution since it relieve plastic trash from burning and landfills, for example, to produce one set of this chair need more than 300 regular sized plastic bottles. And what’s more, our product can be recycled again after use.

As a company who has strong social responsibility, it’s our duty to promote plastic recycle concept to make our planet a better place

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