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Product Details

Products Description

The polywood lumber is the subsitute material for WPC and wood used in outdoor furniture. It is no wood fiber.

The materials is HDPE ( high-density polyethylene),100% eco-friendly.We mainly use milk jugs, cosmetic bottle etc. no-toxic.

The products also has better properties of plastic like waterproof, ant-UV, Not crack, useful life can be more than 50 years. free maintenance.

Customized Color

The popula color of winstar products are dark brown, black, grey, dark green, red, yellow, white etc. We also accpet customized colors , you can provide panton No., so that we can make the injection sample color piece to you to confirm the color.


Win Star supply five kinds of sufaces for our polywood lumbers to meet customer different requirement.

It containes:

Smooth surface

Embossed surface( two patterns)

Sanding surface

Embossed+Sanding surface

Product Advantages
Are you facing the below problems for your outdoor products : Brittle、Color fade、Corrosion、Worm-eaten、Graffiti、unrecyclable after use?
You can check if your products contain wood fiber? leave it, then you can solve all your problems!

Manufacturing Process

Our Honor


1、What is recycled plastic timber made from?

Our recycled plastic lumber contains over 90% recycled HDPE with little activities (such as anti-UV and anti-aging).
2、What can plastic planks be used for?
It is designed to replace wood and WPC for outdoor furniture. Such as Garden furniture、 landscaping、 Boardwalks、Decking and flooring、fencing、posts and bollards、 Dustbins、Flower boxes、 Jetties and any other outdoor applications.
3、How long does plastic timber last?
Our plastic timber will last 40 to 50 years as it protects against rotting, cracking, splitting and peeling.
4、Will recycled plastic lumber mold, mildew or rot?
No. Our recycled plastic lumber contain no organic materials such as wood fillers for mold and mildew grow
5、What is the lowest temperature can be used of the product?
This product has better weather ability, product can be used at -70℃
6、What type of tools do I need?
Plastic timber is just as easy to work as wood,It can be cut, sawed, drilled, routed, nailed, or sanded with standard woodworkingtools, including pneumatic nail guns and CNC routers.
7、Will the color be the same from different manufacturing runs?
Although we make every effort to make sure all colors are matched consistently, slight color variations do occur occasionally. But
we can guarantee the color of your products in an order will be the same.
8、What colors are available?
Our colors include various colors for option, from dark to light. We are willing to make custom colors to order, contact us for availability and pricing.

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