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Tongue and Groove Boards

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Product Details

Extreplas®'s rugged plastic tongue and groove boards have a technology life of at least 50 years, it does not rot or crack, and does not require any maintenance or contain any harmful substances. The sturdy construction has almost zero water absorption. Available in a variety of sizes and designs.

Extreplas® planks can be easily sawed, drilled, planed, nailed and tightened. We are willing to provide you with appropriate instructions and recommendations for construction.


Maintenance & Life


What is the advantages of plastic lumber compared with WPC and wood ?

Items Product

Wood lumber

WPC lumber

Plastic lumber

Main Materials

  1. Wood.

  2. Antiseptic treatment,Water & soil pollution

  1. 55-70% wood fiber+30~45% recycled plastic.

  2. Could not recycle after use

  1. 100% recycled plastic,

  2. Eco-friendly

Maintenance & life

  1. Painting/year

  2. 8-10 years life

  1. Repair for crack

  2. 10-15 years life

  1. Free maintenance

  2. 50 years limited warranty

Using experience

  1. Colour fade

  2. 13% water absorption

  3. brittleness

  1. Stripping

  2. 2% water absorption, mechanical properties decline.

  3. Brittleness

  1. Wood surface, plastic properties. Will not brittle.

  2. 0.04% max water absorb. Will not crack, make it use longer


1. Is your products harmful to people?

Product is not harmful to people. The raw materials are made of high quality PE recycled plastic, safe and non-toxic; There is no need for surface preservative treatment like traditional wood, so WINSTAR plastic lumber will not leach any harmful substances and will not pollute the soil and water.

2.Is your products need maintenance?

Extreplas® products developed by WINSTAR adopt over 90% recycled plastics and supplemented by additives, which are free of plant fibers such as wood powder and have almost zero water absorption rate, so that products will not rot, mildew and brittle due to water absorption. Additives such as anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet are added in the raw materials so that the product will not be brittle or powdery .Therefore, Extreplas® products are free maintenance.

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