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Horse Stable

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How to make a horse stable material for large animals? Extreplas® products meet your unique needs.

Extreplas® premium plastic series are using continuous extrusion processing from a mixture of recycled plastics. Formulated with proprietary modified formulations to meet the specific application requirements of each customer. Depending on the end use and the performance requirements of each customer, UV inhibitors, antioxidants, foaming agents and other additives are added.

Extreplas® fiberglass reinforced series is made by adding glass fiber to increase material stiffness and reduce thermal expansion and contraction for more extreme special applications.

Extreplas® range of products is virtually maintenance-free, has excellent moisture resistance, does not fade, is resistant to insects, and is not brittle. Does not warp. It does not cause damage in the long-term exposure environment like wood or wood plastic composite.


Process Technology

Different with low end molding plastic lumber,Extreplas® products adopt advanced continuous extrusion process, products not only have the properties of plastic but also better imitation wood grain:

1. High quality required for the raw materials. Less impurities, stable performance and longer service life.

2. Product internal foam uniform, no continuous large holes, stable quality and performance

3. The appearance of the product is beautiful and regular, closer to nature wood, high degree of nature integration, which improves the users' comfortable experience and high satisfaction.

4.Continuously extruded production process, the length of the product is unlimited and welcome customization.

One-Time Cost



1. What colors are available?

Our colors include various colors for option, from dark to light. You can also provide color samples and swatches to order custom colors , contact us for availability and pricing.

2.Is Winstar products has quality guarantee?

Winstar is committed to the research and development of recycled plastics for more than 20 years, with a professional research and development team, gained 13 technical patents. At the same time, the company has passed ISO9001 quality certification, and the products have also been tested by the third party, providing you with limited quality assurance services.

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