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Plastic Farm Fencing

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With advanced production technology and continuous research and development capabilities, Extreplas® offers customers a wide range of shapes and sizes. Not only plastic farm fencing, but also from different application areas, such as crosspieces, decorative panels, columns to different colors and densities, can be customized according to your needs. Make your imagination a reality.




Different with low end molding plastic lumber,Extreplas® products adopt advanced continuous extrusion process, products not only have the properties of plastic but also better imitation wood grain:

1. High quality required for the raw materials. Less impurities, stable performance and longer service life.

2. Product internal foam uniform, no continuous large holes, stable quality and performance.

3. The appearance of the product is beautiful and regular, closer to nature wood, high degree of nature integration, which improves the users' comfortable experience and high satisfaction.

4.Continuously extruded production process, the length of the product is unlimited and welcome customization.

After services

1. If any concerns or problems ,such as give installation instructions, recommend new products and the market trend before purchasing, we provide details suggestions and more accurate quotation, design sizes based on your landscape and needs.

2. Excellent shipping company and services, exporting and importing process instructions will be provided, so if no experience of importing, don’t worry.

3. The installation instructions for our plastic decking or other lumbers will be provided anytime during installing.

4.We could provide warranty, any problems could contact our sales anytime to solve.


1. What is the advantages of plastic lumber?

Non-slip, waterproof, crack resistant, insect-proof, ultra long life, chemical resistant, everlasting color, free maintenance, easy to process, eco-friendly, recyclable.

2.How long will it last?

The main raw material of Extreplas® plastic lumber is recycled plastic. Water absorption rate is only for 0.04%, which keeps the products from rotting and fracture. Technically, the service life is more than 50 years. Depending on your domain and external environment, WINSATR products offer a limited warranty for 50 years.

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