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1.  What is recycled plastic lumber and what is it made of? 

The recycled plastic lumber is the third generation of new type outdoor products which replaces the traditional wood and WPC. Its main raw materials are more than 90% recycled plastics including HDPE, LDPE, PP etc., and a small amount of additives (such as anti-UV anti-aging additives). There is no wood flour or plant fiber composition, so it will not rot, brittle and long service life.

The recycled plastic lumber solve the problems that traditional outdoor building materials easy to absorb water rot, brittle crack, short service life and not environment when long-term outdoor application.

2. What is the application of recycled plastic lumber?

Extrplas® recycled plastic lumber from WIN STAR is especially suitable for outdoor application as its excellent weather resistance and low maintenance. It is designed to replace treated lumber and WPC in outdoor applications. It not only has good appearance as wood, also can adapt to long-term sun exposure, storms and other climatic conditions. The excellent waterproof performance make it can be used long soak in the water. Whether used in both residential and commercial applications, plastic lumber will exceed the performance of conventional lumber and WPC lumber in the worst environmental conditions such as Marsh, salt and alkali, water bank project.

It is deal for any application where the product comes in contact with elements. Specifically, uses include Garden furniture, landscaping, Boardwalks, Decking and Flooring, fencing, posts and bollards, Dustbins, Flower boxes, Jungle gyms, Jetties and any other outdoor applications.  

The uses for plastic lumber is not only limited by your imagination. You can just use them anywhere you use wood, where wood would require frequent maintenance.

3. How long will it last? 

The main raw material of Extreplas® plastic lumber is recycled plastic. Water absorption rate is only for 0.04%, which keeps the products from rotting and fracture. Technically, the service life is more than 50 years. Depending on your domain and external environment, WINSATR products offer a limited warranty for 50 years.

4. Will recycled plastic lumber mold, mildew or rot?

The products do not contain any wood flour, plant fiber and other organic ingredients. The main raw material is recycled plastic, so all finished products have ultra-low water absorption rate, only 0.04%. It is 1/50 of wood plastic, and 1/320 of wood. So in the use process, the product will not absorb moisture and moldy rot, deformation. It can be soaked in water for a long time.

5. Is recycled plastic lumber termite proof? 

Of course, it is. Since the products do not contain any wood plant fiber and other organic ingredients. So they cut off the food source and breeding conditions basically for insects. Not only termites but also other insects do not harm our products.

6. Is the product slippery when wet? 

Win Star plastic lumber products are not any more slippery than painted or sealed wood. For high traffic applications we do have a wood grain or knurled embossed finish that will improve the coefficient of friction to assist in meeting the appropriate standards set for the application intended.

7. Will the color of WIN STAR product fade or change color rapidly once it is installed like some traditional wood or WPC do? 

No, all Win Star recycled plastic lumber products does not contain any organic fiber and is formed in one body. The product has the same internal and external color and is resistant to wear and will not fade due to wear. In all Extreplas® outdoor boards, anti-perimeter additives and light fast colorants above grade 7 are uniformly added to the raw materials, which can keep the product's bright and durable color and no significant fading even in the insulation environment.

8. What is the difference of Select plastic lumber、Fiber reinforced lumber and structural reinforced lumber?

Select plastic lumber: Mainly adopt 100% recycled HDPE, meeting the people who has high requirement of anti rot, crack resistant and useful life. mainly used on fencing, decking, flower planter...

Fiber-reinforced lumber: Except meeting the general properity of select plastic lumber, also has better properity of Flexural Stength, Flexural Modulus, Thermal Expansion, Static Coefficient of Friction. it will improves about 30% than select plastic lumber .also it has better appearance ,more closed to wood. To meet high quality request people's requirement.

Structural reinforced lumber: Using recycled plastic in the form of internal reinforcement, greatly improve the mechanical properties of the product. It mainly used on load bearing field, like posts, marine fender...

9. Is your products need maintenance?

Extreplas® products developed by WINSTAR adopt over 90% recycled plastics and supplemented by additives, which are free of plant fibers such as wood powder and have almost zero water absorption rate, so that products will not rot, mildew and brittle due to water absorption. Additives such as anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet are added in the raw materials so that the product will not be brittle or powdery. Therefore, Extreplas® products are free maintenance.

10. What about the chemical resistance of the product?

Our products have good resistance to alkali, can widely used in Marine and chemcial industry.

11. What is the lowest temperature can be used of the product?

This product has better weather ability, product can be used at -70℃

12. What is the production process? Is there any limit to the length?

Extreplas® products adopt advanced continuous extrusion process and are integrated with products with the following advantages:

1. Product internal foam uniform, no continuous large holes, stable quality and performance.

2. The appearance of the product is beautiful and regular, closer to nature wood, high degree of nature integration, which improves the users' comfortable experience and high satisfaction.

3. The length of the product is unlimited and welcome customization.

4.Though the raw material cost is high , but quality can be safety used. Less impurities, stable performance, longer service life.

13. Is WINSTAR plastic timber environment friendly? 

1. The material is used 100% recycled plastic. Cut down the plastic pollution

2. Replace wood, WPC, save the resource of the forest

3. Can be recycled, no continuous pollution

4. The raw materials are made of high quality PE recycled plastic, safe and non-toxic; There is no need for surface preservative treatment like traditional wood, so WINSTAR plastic lumber will not leach any harmful substances and will not pollute the soil and water.

14. Do I need special tools to work with recycled plastic? What type of tools do I need?

No special tools are required. Plastic timber (plastic boards and sheets) is just as easy to work with as wood; in some cases our plastic planks is even easier than wood! It can be cut, sawed, drilled, routed, nailed, or sanded with standard woodworking tools, including pneumatic nail guns and CNC routers.

15. What fasteners are required for product installation?

Virtually all deck fasteners can be used with our plastic timber planks. We use stainless steel / zinc plated screws in the manufacture of our outdoor furniture. Plastic timber planks also hold nails and screws 40-50% better than wood. Pre drilling is not necessary, But pre drilling will make it easier to install and look neat.

16. Introduction of recycled plastic three series?

To meet different customers request, Extreplas® products had divided into three series: Select plastic lumber、Fiber reinforced lumber and structural reinforced lumber.

17. Is Extreplas® recycled plastic lumber suitable for water environment?

Yes. As the main raw material of Extreplas® plastic lumber is high quality recycled plastic which has stable chemical molecular formula and does not contain organic substances and has an ultra-low water absorption rate of only 0.04%, compared with wood and WPC products, wood water absorption rate is 13%. It is 325 times than Extreplas®; Wood plastic water absorption rate is 2%.It is 50 than Extreplas®. Excellent waterproof performance, so that you do not have to worry about decay, deformation, mildew and other conditions. It is not only suitable for hydrophilic environment, but also has excellent performance even if it is soaked in water for a long time.

18. Is your products will have strong plastic feeling like some injection molding products?

Extreplas® products use low foaming continuous extrusion process and are formed in one body with good consistency. The uniform and fine micro-foam surface makes the product look natural and beautiful. Looking like has no plastic feeling and is fundamentally different from other injection molding products.

19. How do I clean my furniture?

Any standard cleaner can be used to clean our products without harming the plastic. Pressure washing is also a good idea from time to time to remove built-up dirt and debris.