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Consume plastic waste

Among the raw materials of WIN SATR plastic lumber, the proportion of recycled plastics is over 90%. Each production of 4000m2 WINSTAR products can consume more than 90 tons of recycled plastic and does not to use up any forest resources. WIN STAR tries hard to contribute to the environmental protection, and realize the green life with technology.

Saving forest resources

Not including any wood powder or organic fiber in the materials of WIN STAR products, it won't consumer any forest resources.

WIN STAR plastic lumber is a kind of new type and eco-friendly outdoor building materials. It is the best substitute for traditional wood, WPC and other outdoor building materials, which can save forests and protect ecology.

Environment Products

The raw materials of the products are derived from recyclable plastics, it is typically found in Beverages cap, cosmetic bottles and etc. The source of raw materials is safe, and no harmful or toxic chemicals are leached during production or use.

Recycled after use

The main raw material of WIN STAR products are recycled plastics, and not contain any plant fiber. Can be recycled and reused after use, to achieve a GREEN environmental protection cycle.