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Win star has four series products

※ Superior series plastic lumber

※ Fiberglass Reinforced Series plastic lumber

※ Structural reinforced series lumber

※ Marine timber/piles 

Product Pics

Superior series plastic lumberFiberglass Reinforced Series plastic lumber
Structural reinforced series lumberMarine timber/piles

Product series



Superior series


  • 100% recyclable

  • Replace all the traditional wood and WPC

  • Meet people’s general request

  • Fence

  • Dustbin

  • flower box

  • home decking etc

Fiberglass Reinforced

HDPE+Fiber glass

  • 100% recyclable

  • Mechanical properties improve 30%

  • Better wood surface

  • Perfect choice for high end users

  • Boardwalks

  • Outdoor flooring

  • Landscape decking

  • Outdoor furniture timber

  • Signage

  • Fence Planking

  • Horse Stable Boards (For large animal)

  • Bench planking

Structural reinforced

HDPE+ Insert 0-4 Fiber bars (Square or rectangle)

  •  Structural support

  •  Pile

  •  Beam

  •  Column

  •  Lumber with special   bearing requirements


Marine timber/piles

HDPE or HDPE+Insert 0-16 Fiber bars (Round)

  • Port pier protection

  • Bridge protection

  • Offshore piles


※ Only 0.04% moisture absorption rate, it is 1/50 of WPC and 1/320 of wood Good in strength, will not rot, corrode, rust or decay
※ Chemical resistance, not affected by extreme environments
※ Resistant to termites or insects.
※ Will not fade, resistant to UV and aging
※ Easy to process and install
※ Maintenance free, lower running costs
※ Recycled plastic material and life cycle, environmental friendly
※ Support customize different sizes and colors.